Why wheatless?

After being plagued by migraines, nausea, and constant discomfort from food, Max's sister realized that it was wheat that made her sick. Once she cut all wheat-based products out of her diet, she felt more energetic, healthier, and much, much happier.

The only downside? That she had an insatiable sweet tooth.

A wheat-free diet doesn't have to mean a yummy-free diet. Max tried his hand at making all her favourite goodies with his own special blend of wheat-free flours and ingredients.

Before he knew it, the whole family was gobbling up these treats faster then he could make 'em - and that's when Max decided it was time to start his own small home bakery.

So why go wheatless?

Of course, if, like us, you know someone who can't eat wheat, then this is a great way to show them some love and support.

But more importantly: if you love cakes, cookies and muffins, and want to cut down on our unnaturally wheat-intensive modern diets without compromising on taste, then Max Goes Wheatless is for you!

Is wheat-free the same as gluten-free?

No! While all gluten-free foods are wheat-free, not all wheat-free foods are gluten-free. 

Our baked goods are not all gluten-free, as we cannot guarantee that our ingredients were made in gluten-free facilities. All our products might contain gluten, but are  made with absolutely ZERO wheat flour (i.e., no maida or atta). 

Those that are entirely gluten-free are marked accordingly on the menu.